Digital Strategy

The days when customers wander into their nearest bank branch and sit down with a banker to learn about different options are coming to an end. Today, many customers walk into branches having already shopped online. That means online visibility is just as important as mass marketing and branch presence. Online shopping behavior is very product-centric and banks and credit unions must adapt by enabling consumers to effortlessly find answers to their questions.


Novarica’s Digital Strategy research helps institutions improve online visibility and digital experiences so more shoppers will be inclined to take the next steps. Our services include:

  • Competitive Benchmarking. A market-based analysis of how easy it is to shop online for an institutions’ products compared to a set of competitors.
  • Digital Experience Reviews. Short-term engagements to analyze and make specific recommendations to improve clients’ digital customer experience to win more customers.
  • Retained Advisory Services. On-going access to Novarica’s experts, updated Digital Strategy Reviews, monthly briefs and regular best-practice webinars.