Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights helps banks, credit unions and their vendors understand who, what, why and how people are shopping for new banking relationships or checking accounts and how new technologies (e.g., Mobile Payments) change their banking behavior and choices. Clients receive the following:

  1. Insights from consumer surveys on the following topics:
    Topic Survey Frequency per Year Most Recent Research
    Reasons for Switching 2 Oct 2013, Vol 9
    Checking Account Requirements 2 Nov 2012, Vol 2
    Channel Shopping Preferences 2 Jan 2013, Vol 3
    Shopping Process for Checking Accounts 2 Feb 2013, Vol 4
    Mobile Banking Adoption/Usage 2 Mar 2013, Vol 5
    PFM Usage and Expectations 2 Apr 2013, Vol 6
    Mobile Payments Take-Up 2 May 2013, Vol 7
    Why Institutions Win New Customers Ongoing Sep 2013, Vol 8
  2. Quarterly Trends Reports based on what people currently shopping for banks are looking for and the types of accounts and institutions they choose.

    Sample from Q1 2013 Trends Report mobile banking trends
  3. Phone and email consultation. All Novarica subscriptions include phone and email consultation to answer questions about the data or analysis or to provide a custom data cut for an internal meeting or sales presentation.

How We Gather People Shopping for New Banking Relationships

Novarica operates a consumer website,, to help people identify which bank or credit union suits them best based on convenience, feature preferences and banking behavior. As users go through the comparison tool, we record their location, feature preferences, banking behavior and which accounts they ‘selected' from their search results. Additional surveys are incorporated into the comparison tool to capture responses to our Shopper Insights surveys.

Overview of FindABetterBank