Banking Industry Insights Large Commercial Banks Earnings Release Full Year 2012

Authors: Lee Kyriacou

Pages: 17
Published: February 2013
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Banking Industry Insight tracks the financial health and performance of the U.S. banking industry, providing both data and key commentary on current and future issues facing the industry. Different issues address quarterly performance of the industry, performance of the largest banks, differences between small, regional and national banks, coming year forecast and special topics.

This particular issue provides data and commentary on the 2012 results of larger publicly traded U.S. commercial banks, based of their 4Q12 earnings releases.



Executive Summary 3
Banks Covered 4
Overall Results 5
Loans 6
Deposits 7
Loan-to-Deposit Ration 8
NIM, Net Interest Revenue 9
Total Revenue 11
Credit Quality 12
Credit Quality 13
Expense 13
Net Income 14
Profitability 15
Glossary of Terms 16