Research Report:

Insurer Social Media Strategies For Independent Agent Distribution

Author: Matthew Josefowicz, Karlyn Carnahan, and Steven Kaye
Pages: 13
Published: July 2012

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Report Summary:

This report looks at social media usage rates by insurers that rely on independent agents and by the agents themselves, examining the different rates and preferred platforms for different uses and actions.

It includes a discussion of six ways insurers are supporting their agents’ social media efforts, and concludes with four key recommendations to ensure sure they can best leverage social media communications within their distribution strategies.

It is based on a survey of 82 insurers that write through independent agents, and a survey of 150 independent agents themselves.

Changes in communication platforms and behaviors will affect insurers’ most critical capability – the ability to manage relationships and communicate effectively with their distribution partners.

All insurers should start to consider social media to be part of their producer relationship management (PRM) strategies.


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